Best Bookfi Alternatives to Download eBooks for Free Online is a popular eBook sharing site to search for various kind of eBooks and download for free. Due to Bookfi’s popularity many alternatives to the popular eBook site have come to play sharing eBook for free. Some of this eBooks including a scientific articles, standard books, comics, fiction etc. However, due to this bookfi alternatives and upon request on best bookfi alternatives for free eBook download we’ve compiled this list to best free eBook download site that are really competing with

The Russian based eBook website is very easy to use with proper navigate and less serving ads. You can either reach bookfi website on or And of course the second domain name redirected to to the first one and it’s absolutely safe to search and download eBook from this site.

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Since we are not interested in teaching you how to download eBooks from bookfi website, we’ll not dwell on that aspect of However, if you are interested in learning how to download eBook from this site we have covered them in our previous articles. Take your time to read how to download eBook from eBookshare torrent site and how to download torrent files using zbigz.

In case of any difficulties kindly drop us a comment in the comment section and we’d be glad to help share more light on your request.

bookfi alternatives

Best Bookfi Alternatives to Download Free eBook

Here in this section we share with you best free eBook download sites that are best alternatives to without proxy.

1. Booksc

bookfi alternativesThe first alternative to bookfi in this post is booksc. Booksc is a popular eBook search engine when it comes to searching for science  related content. Most especially for researchers, you can get a lot of articles from this site and download free.

Booksc has over 50,000,000 science related articles for researchers to search and download.

Here is the official website of booksc:

2. Library Genesis

bookfi alternatives

Library genesis is another viable alternative site to Lib Gen offers a more wider eBooks available for download compared to booksc. Library genesis doesn’t only shared science related articles but it also shares any available eBooks on the net including Google scholar books, and also search the entire available eBook search engines.

Downloading eBooks from Library Genesis is a bit complex. As a result of that we’ve shared a step by step tutorial on how to download Library Genesis eBook.

3. Free-eBooks

bookfi alternatives

Here is another alternative with many authors. There is a download limit for free-eBook site for anonymous users but that doesn’t mean you cannot download unlimited eBook from However, for the sake of researchers who are Olivier twist or who always want to download more eBooks you can do that by becoming a registered users. Here is the official website of free-ebooks:

4. Bookboon

bookfi alternatives

Bookboon is yet another popular bookfi alternative to search and download eBook for free. Bookboon comprises of all various eBooks from all facet of life. Bookboon has free and premium access. And it takes just 4 steps to download any eBook on bookboon. However, to start downloading unlimited eBooks from Bookboon you must become a registered member but not necessary a premium member.

Officially you can reach Bookboon here:

5. Gutenberg

bookfi alternatives

Gutenberg is one of my favorite bookfi alternatives to search and download eBook for free in various output. Gutenberg eBook are in various version which include pdf, ePub etc. Also, Gutenberg  eBooks are available in epub, kindle format, and for android, and  ipad devices. With Gutenberg eBook download site you can be rest assure that it’s a better alternative to

No registration is required to use Gutenberg and all eBooks on Gutenberg are free to download and are no way under USA copyright but could be under copyright in other countries. Visit Gutenberg at:

6. eBook3000

bookfi alternatives

eBook3000 is another alternative you need no underestimate. eBook3000 was launched in 2007 and it has since shared tons of free eBook for free download. The only reason I don’t always recommend eBook3000 is because they share adult eBooks which could not be recommended for a middle age researcher.

But in case you are interested in downloading adult eBooks endeavor to check eBook3000:

7. Internet Archive

bookfi alternatives

Internet archive is another popular website to search and download free eBook like Internet archive is non-profitable eBook site with over 50,000,000 million of eBook available to download, 12 million txt file available for download and lot more. Internet archive have over 230 billion web page search  on the internet. However, if you are on the run for best alternatives to bookfi you should consider internet archive as part of your consideration.

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