How to Download eBookshare (Torrent eBook) For Free

eBookshare torrent site

As a research student I’m desperate to download eBook for free, get the audio eBook version if possible, and at times  if I’m fortunate to find a podcast of it, I’d rejoice for it. Although, most of the audio eBook I got were given to me by friends and I treasured them jealously. But recently I was searching for an eBook on Thermoelasticity by Nowacki Witold which I couldn’t get for free then I choose to try torrent eBook site like eBookshare.

There are thousands eBook torrent sites on the internet to download eBook using torrent site. However, here today you will be taught how to download eBook for free using eBookshare, the popular eBook torrent download site. Of various categories in eBookshare you should be able to download your favorite eBook for free using this site today. or is one of the best and few eBook torrent sites to download torrent eBook for free and at the same times read the eBook description before you even have to download it.

If you are reading this post and you would love to download eBook-share torrent files without proxy, you have come to the right place to learn the best. However, don’t forget that eBooks-share is just one of the best torrent sites for eBook downloading.

How to Download eBook From eBookshare Torrent Site

Following the procedure below you will be able to download eBooks from eBook share as a torrent file for free and without stress.

Note: Read to the end to under the whole procedure.

1. Visit eBook-share official site  and search for the title of the eBook you want to download or click on category to the left of the page for easy navigation.

eBookshare torrent site

2. A new page containing your searched eBook will pop up. Look through the searched result and select the eBook that best described the one you want to download and click on the download button to start downloading without dime.

eBookshare torrent eBook

How to Download Exact Torren eBook From Ebookshare

One thing you want to be sure of is that you downloaded the exact same eBook you searched for. But due to numerous authors who might have worked on the same problem or might have produced exact same textbook or eBook or audio book, you need to be very sure of the book details such as author’s name, ebook ISBN, eBook title etc.

However, the simplest thing to do when you want to download an eBook with different authors is to first do the following.

1. Type the name of the eBook in Google search engine or Amazon or other top notch eBook or audio book site you know

2. Take a look at the exact author’s name or ISBN number or the correct eBook title. In most cases, if it is a popular eBook you will find the details to the right of Google’s page with eBook description, author’s name, eBook title etc.

eBookshare torrent eBook site

3. Then copy the details and go to eBookshare, the torrent eBook site to search for the exact same eBook and download without delay.

Finally, eBookshare is one of the best torrent eBook site to download free eBook, audio book for free.

Visit: eBook-share

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  1. Al Reply

    Clicking download leads to a geeker site which first asks for credit card info, then says its free for a few days only.

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