Bookzz & Bookzz Alternative to Download Electronics Books Online for Free

You are searching for sites like right after shut down? As in the best site to download electronics eBooks for free which are similar to bookzz? You will know much of them in this post. But before then let me quickly tell you how I got to know eBook site and what prompted me to start looking for bookzz alternatives when I can get all eBook for free from this site.

Few years back I entered in the world of research as research student on the effect of thermal stress and temperature distribution in a solidifying elastic slab involving shrinkage. This was an interesting topic but needs a lot of background knowledge and books from expert in the field. While I was search for how to download paid eBook for free online, I landed on ebookfi, but after a while ebookfi was shut down and the way to getting research text online became a nightmare.

Then I found a torrent site to download eBook free called “eBookshare” similar to Just check it out it is an amazing site

Not to feel dejected and relax, I started searching for alternative to ebookfi and I found and a reliable source to download an electronic books for free. But when I got to know that have a download limit per user then I became worried but few days later I became adapted to the download limit and found a solution that resolves it for me.

So, first in the post I will share with you how to bypass bookzz download limit. Below is a quickest way to bypass ebookzz download limit in less than 5 minutes.

How to Bypass Bookzz Download Limit download limit is one of the limitation of the known e-Book download site. But funny enough there is no download limit for all user. sees non-registered users an anonymous users and as such, they place limitation to the number of eBooks you can download from the site. However, to bypass this limitation all you need to do is become a registered of and the limitation will be limitless.

1. Visit on your browser to fill the registration form

2. Fill your email, password and pick a username you can always remember to login to your account


3. will send and verification link to your email. Click on the email account to verify your membership account and you are good to go.

4. When next you want to download eBooks from make sure you login to your account and the limitation will not be placed on your activities on the site.

Note: This is the best way to bypass bookzz download limit

Bookzz Alternative to Download Electronics Books Online for Free

The number of alternatives to bookzz is unlimited. But for the best of it, we have duly selected the best 1000 which are virus free, scam free, etc. So, fell to check out the best eBook sites alternative below.

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