How to Unblock YouTube Videos Without Proxy on Android, iOS And Desktop

Gone are those days when you cannot watch locked content on YouTube, most especially when it’s region based. For countries like India, they find it difficult to watch blocked YouTube videos, even with the help of proxy site or virtual private network. However, if you found yourself in the region where you find it difficult to watch protected YouTube videos on Android, iOS and desktop browser here is a post on how to unblock YouTube videos without proxy.

This same procedure can be used to unblock YouTube videos in school, and even the people of Pakistan and some other restricted countries can use the 3 methods I will share in this post for YouTube version without proxy site or website.

Also, it is of great importance to let you know that all these will be done for free and without using a paid VPN or using vpn Android app to unblock protected videos on YouTube but strictly opera vpn.

The procedure below will show you the exact procedure to follow to bypass blocked YouTube videos version on the smartphone (Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows) and on PC for free.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos Without Proxy

It’s a known fact that back in 2016, 2015 and late 2010 internet users are more familiar with the use of proxy to access blocked sites to hide and protect their identity or bypass protected content.

But 2017 is here with the easiest ways to unblock YouTube videos without proxy. Yes, without the use of proxy and with the known and popular mobile app.

The easiest and best way to bypass blocked YouTube videos is with the use of mobile browser vpn called “Opera Mini vpn“.

Opera mini can be used to access blocked content, videos, articles in countries like India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other countries. Most especially when your country is on restriction at accessing most UK and US blocked content. Opera mini can be used to access them free and without the trace of IP.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos on Smartphone With Opera Mini

Firstly for a smartphone like Android, iOS, Windows, and blackberry user, you will find this post interested and you will be able to watch blocked YouTube video without proxy and with the aid of mobile free vpn.

Here we’d make use of Opera mini browser vpn to access blocked content, articles and most importantly, for YouTube unblocked version all for free and without extra services.

The procedure below works on all smartphone with an updated Opera mini browser vpn. But for the case of this tutorial, a link to download Opera mini browser for PC and vpn for Android would be provided so that you will be able to get along as the tutorial proceeds.

1. Download and install latest Opera mini VPN for Android and iOS on your device

2. Launch the opera mini VPN you installed on your Android phone or iOS. Note that this also work on iPhone 6 and other iPhone products.

Unblock YouTube Videos

3. Accept the pop up that you want to established vpn on your mobile

Unblock YouTube Videos

4. Click on the connect button on the installed opera mini vpn you launched above.

5. If successfully connected the VPN icon will change to blue

Unblock YouTube Videos

And that is it. This is one of the easiest on how to unblock YouTube videos without proxy on Android and iOS device for free.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos on Desktop PC

I know you will want to enjoy free proxy on your PC just like on smartphone. However, here you’ll learn how to surf the internet anonymously without proxy but with free VPN for Opera Mini on desktop PC.

1. Download and install Opera mini browser for your Desktop PC or laptop computer here

2. Launch the install Opera mini browser for PC

3. Now toggle the VPN tab on the address bar to switch it on and go to YouTube to copy the blocked URL to your opera mini browser and you are good to go.

Unblock YouTube videos

How to Change to a Specific Location to Unblock YouTube Videos

It’s not only that you can use Opera Mini VPN to access protected articles, videos, files and website but you can also bypass the site restriction based on specific location. Take for instance if an article or video is meant to be viewed in a specific location different from your connected IP using Opera Mini vpn, you can switch your IP to the location IP. This steps guides you on how to change your IP location on Opera mini to a specific location of your choice.

1. Click on change region from your IP connected interface

Unblock YouTube videos

2. Then choose from the list of regions displayed. These regions are available to use or free without paying a dine.

Unblock YouTube videos

Then open the locked YouTube video version to watch for free. This a cool method on how to unblock YouTube videos on Android and other smartphones.

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