10 MP3 Music Download Sites Similar to MP3 Juices

MP3 music download

MP3 juices is a popular MP3 music download online store to search and download free music online for both Android and iOS  users. Music being an integral part of human life and what we enjoy everyday to ease our emotional stress has turned a must for everyone to listen to and it is now very important to have at least some set of free websites where you can download MP3 music to your phone and listen to it during your own leisure time.

Meanwhile, some best websites for free MP3 music download have been struck such as MP3Skulls due to violation of government policy and later got revived on another domain. However, in this post MP3skulls MP3 download site will not be included as one of the top notch websites to download free MP3 music online.

Instead of going through the stress of ripping music from CD which is unethical you can just pull out your mobile phone and search for your favorite MP3 music to download. Here in this post I have successfully put together 10 MP3 music download websites which could serve as MP3juices alternative to download MP3 songs for free on mobile and on PC.

MP3 music download

10 Best Websites For MP3 Music Download Similar to MP3Juices

The choice of these MP3Juices alternatives to download MP3 music for free online are subject to our team research and based on experience as to the best sites to download music for free online. However, it’s obvious that there are hundreds of free music sites online where you can easily search and download your favorite MP3 songs. But in this case, if this post failed to include your favorite MP3 music download site you can just mention it in the comment section .

1. MP3Bear

MP3Bear is an online MP3 music search engine like MP3Juices where you can search and download all sort of MP3 music. MP3 Bear is more or less MP3 search engine just like Google search which is a center for all information. One thing that will make you stick to MP3bear is that it houses almost the entire music to download on the net. It’s very easy to download MP3 music on MP3bear, the moment you lands on the site homepage just key in the song you want to download and the result will be displayed instantly for you to download.

2. BeeMP3

I wouldn’t want to underestimate the power of BeeMP3 as alternative to MP3 juices to download MP3 music free of charge. BeeMP3 does not only support MP3 music download it also supports streaming MP3 songs or audio online. BeeMP3 does not host any music file on their site rather they serve as search engine and generate results from other search engines as to your query. The choice of going for BeeMP3 as MP3 music download like MPJuices goes beyond design.

3. MP3Clean

MP3clean music download site is one out of million music sites you will never want to forget to download MP3 music without stress. Everything is just well arranged right from MP3Clean homepage. In fact, if you accidentally landed on MP3clean you will quickly see a sharp similarity between MP3clean and MP3Juices. In most cases where you can’t find the music you want to download on MP3Clean homepage you use the search box to search for the music and you are go to go.

4. LoudTronix

I’m a typical fan of Loudtronix MP3 music download site. Loudtronix has a cool looking and easy to navigate homepage to search and download your favorite MP3 songs with just a click. One great feature of loudtronix is the ability to download YouTube video as MP3 with just a click. Once you found any video you would love to listen to as MP3 just copy the URL and past it on Loudtronix to convert the video to MP3 for you to download it with just a click.

5. eMP3

I couldn’t say whether eMP3 is MP3 site or video sharing site. But to be frank eMP3 is a fantastic MP3 music download site coupled with video sharing site. eMP3 easily lets you play YouTube MVs and download directly from the site. Over the period of using eMP3 it was found that it is similar to MP3Juices with a unique feature of searching through the web to accumulate the MP3 you searched for and grant you the access to get the current working link to download it.

6. MP3.li

When I first got to know MP3.li I wasn’t really impress because the website design wasn’t really professional but it ended up as as one of my favorite MP3 music download store and in fact, an alternative to MP3juices to download MP3 music for free. One feature of MP3.li that makes it to made the best alternative to MP3 juices is the ability to show best 20 hits songs for any of your search with the same or different artist name. Even if you are new to MP3.li MP3 music download site you will be able to find your way through easily.

7. MP3Raid

Actually I don’t know whether to categorize MP3raid as MP3juices alternative or MP3 juices carbon copy for MP3 music download. When you first find yourself on MP3raid music site you will be welcomed with top MP3 music search on raidMP3 followed by latest 100 search. Aside from that you can still use the search box to search for the MP3 music you want to download on your mobile. In an attempt to ease your stress you can as well listen to music directly on MP3 raid web before deciding whether to download it or not. However, you also need to take note that it is safe download MP3 music from MP3raid music site.

8. MP3Int

Whenever I look at MP3Int design I always see a replica of MP3Juices on it. It’s simple and easy to use. MP3Int has not only the feature to download MP3 music it also features support to streaming MP3 on the web if you don’t want to download it. MP3Int uses YouTube’s database as its main search engine. So, once you enter a search fir the name of song or artist to download it search through YouTube for related video and VEVO. For any latest MP3 music download you can always consider using MP3Int.

9.  AllMusic

AllMusic works just as the name sounds as MP3 music download. In actual sense AllMusic isn’t just a music site. AllMusic serves an databse for almost everything about music where the entire information you need about a music is arranged accordingly. So, if you are looking for any latest MP3 music download site aside from MP3 juices you may want to consider AllMusic.

10. Soundclick

Sounclick is yet another widely known MP3 music download site with over 19 years experience. Soundclick serves as a great site for music download with easy to search music category and well arranged music details. MP3 songs on Soundclick can either be streamed on Sounclick or download for offline use or pay to get it. Soundclick is both paid and free MP3 music download site.

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