10 Temporary Email Similar Sites to YopMail

Temporary email

YopMail is a fake email generator to create temporary email address for a temp use. To keep your mail free from spam messages while taking survey online there is a need to use fake mail service such as YopMail fake mail generator.

YopMail fake email service is one of the major temporary email address with at least 8 days fake email validity. With Yop mail fake email address online service it means you can create a fake email and use it for 8 days before the email and the entire inbox messages will be render invalid (you will not be able to access the email account again).

With YopMail address you can create a custom fake email address to use online or use the one auto-generated by Yop fake email address. However, YopMail is not the online temporary email address creator or online generator.

Here in this post you will get to know other fake email online site to create fake email address for online survey and to keep your email address free from spam message.

Temporary email

10 Temporary Email or Fake Email Address Sites Like YopMail.

Note that there a ten of hundreds of temp email address that let users create fake email account for the time being. Meanwhile, the fake email address service are free and it’s unlimited. You can send and receive email within the validity period.

Below are similar sites like YopMail temp email address generator you can choose from. Feel free to pick from the list of fake email address site and fell free to share your favorite temporary email address if this post misses it out.

1. GetAirMail

Getairmail is a free fake email address generator to create temp email address for the time being and it is similar to YopMail temporary email address. Get air mail address works just like YopMail fake email generator to keep your real email address free from spam message.

GetAirMail fake email address name generator provide unlimited number of fake and temp address for temporary use to keep your real email address clean and free from unwanted messages.

2. MailDrop

Maildrop is a similar site like YopMail temporary email addresss to generate fake email address for the time being to keep off spam messages from your inbox. Maildrop create custom or default fake email address with @maildrop.cc as the extension. Although Maildrop features are far below Y0Pmail but fake email created with Maildrop can last for 3 days.

The number of fake email address you can create with Maildrop is virtually unlimited. Mail drop fake address name can be used on nay website to keep your box clean from unwanted messages.

3. MailNesa

MailNesa is my second favorite fake email address generator like YopMail address. It makes it extremely easy to generate fake address at random to avoid unsolicited message on your real mailbox. Mail Nesa fake meal generator support HTML with no password and registration detail. If you are searching for a temp email address to keep your real mailbox clean from spam message you may want to try mailnesa.

4. MintEmail

MintEmail is another disposable email generator similar to YopMail address.  MintEmail simply keep your real email address free of spam. If you love taking survey you should endeavor to use disposable email address to keep your address secure of spam.

With MintEmail disposable address generator you can create thousands of random fake email address and still counting if you care to create more fake address.

5. MyTrashMail

MyTrashMail work exactly the way its name sounds. It’s one of the best disposable email generator to create unlimited fake email address to generate random fake address at once.

MyTrashMail keep your mail box free from spam and block all unwanted messages which keeps them to your disposable mail which will become invalid after few days, 3 days at max.

6. Disposable

Disposable is a site like YopMail temporary email address generator to create unlimited fake mail address with no single commercial ads. One of the best disposable email address with no single commercial ads include Disposable with single click to create tons of random fake email address. The list of temp email you can create using disposable is virtually unlimited.

7. Discard

Discard is a disposable email generator with a single click. Its create temp email address which is valid for a limited time only. Discard supports alias and domain extension. Meaning that you can simple use your domain name to create fake email address with alias of your choice.

In addition, discard supports password usage to secure your fake address pending the time your fake address is valid.

8. MailNator

MailNator is another popular disposable mail generator with premium service. It offers free fake email address with 100 random per day without registration and password.

Mailnator offers two premium service will 2000 and 50,000 fake or temp email address per day. Just like YopMail, Mailnator generated fake email address can last for at least 5 days with a password feature when you subscribe to a premium service. If you are planning to take your fake email address generator to premium level you should endeavor to use mailnator disposable email address.

9. 10MinutesMail

10 Minute Mail disposable email generated address only last for 10 minutes after which the fake email become invalid. With 10minutemail email you can keep creating fake address every 10 minutes to receive and send messages instead of using your real email address. If you are on the look out for a disposable mail address you want to use for just 10 minutes you should consider using 10minutemail fake mail generator.

10. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla mail address is not like 10minutes mail address because it last for couple of days. Guerrilla disposable email generator works exactly like YopMail temporary email address generator to generate fake address within a specific day before the address name expires.

Guerrilla mail is a popular mail address like mailnator and Yopmail address. However, if you don’t want to use YopMail temporary email you can always use guerrilla mail.

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