How to Enable & Disable Magazine Lock Screen on Android

If you enabled Magazine lock screen on your Android phone you will not be able to set your picture as a lock screen wallpaper on your Android phone. But when the Magazin lock screen is disabled, you will be able to set your own picture as either lock screen wallpaper or background wallpaper or both on your Android phone.

However, the beauty of using lock screen is to display different information based on preference on your smartphone home screen and when your phone screen is locked.

So, recently I got stalked when I tried to set up a new picture as my Android phone lock screen wallpaper when the built-in Magazine lock screen app on my Infinix phone pop-up the information that I needed to disable Magazine lock screen before I can set a new picture as my lock screen.

However, after spending some hours playing around my Infinix Note 3 and Inifinix hot 4 security settings I was able to disable the lock screen settings on Magazine lock screen. Meanwhile, if you are using Magazine wallpaper app the only thing that you need to do is play with the app and disable the feature that inhibits using a new picture as your phone lock screen.

How to Enable & Disable Magazine Lock Screen on Infinix

If you are using any brand of Infinix mobility smartphone or Oppo such as Oppo or Huawei smartphone you should consider this tutorial valid for how to enable and disable Magazine app lock screen on your device.

1. Go to your Infinix or Oppo phone settings by swiping down your phone screen

2. Scroll down the page and click security

How to Enable & Disable Magazine Lock Screen on Android

3. Under encryption click the “Magazine lock screen” optionHow to Enable & Disable Magazine Lock Screen on Android

4. Toggle ON/OFF button to either disable or enable the wallpaper lock screen app

How to Enable & Disable Magazine Lock Screen on Android

Once you have successfully enabled the option, navigate back to your phone gallery and select the picture or image you’d love to use on your phone lock screen display and it’ll be usable.


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    Thanks alot for this. I have been looking for this solution for months. What a relief

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