Whatsapp Offline: How to Use Whatsapp on iPhone & Android Without Internet Connection

Whatsapp offline

What would be your state of mind if you start to use Whatsapp offline on your Android and iPhone? I mean using Whatsapp online app without internet connection and still have your sent messages delivered?

You will be happy right? Most importantly if you see a friend using dual Whatsapp on his phone it would appears magical to you right? The same thing will definitely happen when your friends see you using whatsapp without internet connection.

With the latest Whatsapp 2.17.1 you can send whatsapp message without internet connection and it will be delivered instantly.

How right?

Well, what you will get to know here is how possible it is to use Whatsapp online without internet connection and still enjoy almost full feature of whatsapp on your iPhone and Android.

Whatsapp offline

How Does Whatsapp Offline Works?

The first question you want to ask is how does whatsapp offline works and still get your message delivered? And most importantly, would it possible to send images and videos with the latest whatsapp 2.17.1 offline?

According to whatsapp, this is how the new whatsapp 2.17.1 with offline message delivery works mainly for iOS users.

  • Messages will be placed in a queue and sent as soon as signal returns
  • A ‘storage usage’ screen will help free up space by deleting messages
  • Apple users who want to use the new features can do so by by installing the latest version of WhatsApp (2.17.1) on their device

Whatsapp also introduced a new storage space on the latest whatsapp which can be freed when full to be able to send images and videos when next you are away from network. Whatsapp online on Android and iPhone works exactly like the new offline feature.

If you updated your whatsapp recently, there is possible that you will noticed new feature called storage space under data and storage usage. However, if you haven’t noticed this you can access this with lead…. Settings>>>Data &  Storage>>>Storage Usage.

Meanwhile,  when you discover that you could no longer send message offline on whatsapp or your offline messages are not being delivered you may have to clear the storage to free more memory.

To clear storage on whatsapp 2.17.1 kindly navigate through as shown above and tab to clear storage. Alongside whatapp videos calling feature that was introduced back in November 2016 on Android, iOS and windows you can now enjoy whatsapp offline the same way you enjoy whatsapp online.

How to Use Whatsapp Offline Without Internet Connection

Like I used to say that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist before you get things done on your own. It’s quiet easy to start using whatsapp 2.17.1 and start enjoying whatsapp offline like whatsapp online when there is no steady internet connection. However, to enjoy this new whatsapp on your iOS and Android pphone just upgrade your whatsapp or download the latest for your device.

For iOS user get the latest whatsapp offline featured app here and for Android you can get it right here all for free.

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