5 Sites Similar to Ultimate Cycler Plus Ponzi Scheme


Ultimate cycler plus is a 2×2 Ponzi scheme with a 400% ROI (return on investment). Ultimate cycler registration requires a one time payment to join the ponzi scheme and start making 400% of your investment.

With a token of 1-time payment of $25 Naira equivalent (12,500) Ultimate cycler payment you will get instant commission at due time.

Cycler works like MMM which was introduced by Sergei Mavrodi where member make payment to members that requested for help from members that pledge help. Ultimate cycler is more or less a compensation plan for your investment and have double of the amount your put into the scheme.

Meanwhile, some people see ultimate cycler as scheme that must be dealt with using only your spare money despite the compensation plan from the scheme.

There are testimonies on ultimate cycler 2016 and come 2017 ultimate cycler still rock it and more Nigerian citizen are putting more money on daily basis to secure reasonable cycler compensation plan for their money. The way cycler plus works an average citizen can understand it and make real money from it after the ultimate cycler registration.

This post is not to preach ultimate cycler business but to list some other ponzi scheme similar to ultimate cycler plus and MMM Nigeria to earn compensation for your investment.

Note: The writer of this post is not an ultimate cycler plus agent and he is no where responsible for you lost either on ultimate cycler or on any of the Ponzi schemes sites like cycler this post will share with you.


Best Sites Similar to Ultimate Cycler Plus Ponzi Scheme

By using any of the ponzi scheme sites below you agreed that you are responsible for any negative occurrence whatsoever from the scheme.

NNN Nigeria

NNN Nigeria is one of 2016 popular compensation ponzi scheme sites with 35% ROI on your investment within 3 weeks.

NNN Nigeria is similar to ultimate cycler plus but with far less returns on investment. On NNN Nigeria you can only have a compensation of 35% per amount of money you put into the scheme while ultimate cycler gives at least 100% investment with a 1-time life charges of $25(12,500).

If you don’t want to put all your ponzi scheme in one basket you need to consider investmenting on NNN business to get 35% returns on your money every 3 weeks. NNN Nigeria have group you can join to sort out NNN problem after registration.


Help2Get is yet another scheme which is alternative to ultimate cycler plus but provide almost twice what you get from NNN Nigeria. Help2Get helps individual participant to get financial help from unknown member when they pledge to render help and do same to other member who requested for financial help until the cycle circulates.

Help2Get gives 60% of your raw investment into Help2Get business as compensation within 30 days. So, if you are searching for ultimate cycler alternative with at least 60% investment compensation with capital in just 30 days consider using Help2Get.


GiversForum is quiet different from ultimate cycler plus but still pursuing the same dream to help free members from financial stagnation without owning penny of member on the platform. Givers Forum is mainly a forum where member decide to help member by rendering a financial help inform of a pledge and others do likewise.

Here at Givers Forum you get 10% on your investment as compensation per week which is equivalent to 40% returns on your Givers Forum investment. It’s a bit below the amount Ultimate cycler plus gives though but it is still not bad for for 30 days without extra job.

MMM Nigeria is one of the most popular ponzi scheme in Nigeria in year 2016 and still counting members. Although it was rumored that MMM has crashed but information revealed that it was only frozen till 14th January 2017 to help protect the platform from excess usage from users which could easily leads to crash of the online platform.

MMM Nigeria works like ultimate cycler plus but with less compensation plan. MMM only provide 30% on investment as your compensation plan unlike ultimate cycler with 100% compensation plan. Nevertheless, 30% return on any amount invested on MMM is not bad and you may want to try it to double your compensation from ponzi scehems online.

MMM United

MMM United came into limelight late 2016 and it has turned one of the best websites competing with ultimate cycler plus with 100% returns on investment. MMM united works like other schemes shared above but with 100% returns on your MMM united business as compensation plan.

On MMM United platform member pledge help and render help to members that requested for help once they are matched by admin.

Which ever one of the ponzi scheme you choose from the above they are as good as ultimate cycler plus business with reasonable compensation plan within 30 days?

Note: This post does not guaranteed happy end with ultimate cycler plus but this post was put together for the sake of our readers who are searching for ultimate cycler plus alternative

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