How to Create Juno Webmail Account 2018

Juno Webmail

When we talk about webmail and search engines, Gmail, Yahoo Mail!, Google search, Bing which is powered by Yahoo, and Yahoo search engine is most people know. They probably have not heard of Juno webmail and search engine service up to this moment.

Juno is a search engine and as a webmail service provider. The Juno isn’t known for it search engine services like other upcoming search engines but popular in providing a free email service to send and receive electronic messages the way we normally do with Gmail, Yahoo!, and other popular Email service providers.

A lot of people who are using Gmail or Yahoo Mail! does not know much about Juno search engine and its webmail service. However, Juno offers a professional webmail service for free and with an encrypted service so that any email sent or received cannot be read by a third-party. For this reason, here in this article, I am going to share with you how to create Juni webmail service, configure it, and send email using the webmail service.

How to Create Juno Webmail Account

If you created your email account from either Gmail or Yahoo Mail! or from other free e-mail service providers yourself, it should take you minutes to create a valid Juno email address for free.

Launch any browser on your Computer or Smartphone and visit Juno free email registration page. And then, click on Get Started to the bottom left.

Juno Webmail

Fill the information with your correct details. It’s important to use a valid phone number so that you will be able to receive a confirmation code from Juno and then click on submit & continue to the bottom left.

Juno Webmail

Create a unique Juno ID and password and make sure to confirm it whether it is available. A unique Juno ID will be in the form of which can range between 3-30 letters and/or numbers.

Juno Webmail

Note: Do not forget to accept terms and conditions before you click on the submit and continue button to the bottom left on the page.

Next, Juno will take you to your order confirmation page. Once you have confirmed your order you will be able to log into your Juno email account with your Juno username and password.

How to Setup Juno Webmail on Smartphones

It doesn’t matter whether your email service provider is an IMAP, POP3 or Windows Exchange email account if you want to add it to your Android phone. It’s a ease as when you choose to configure your Gmail account on Android devices. To setup Juno email on Android follow these steps.

Go to your Android settings >> Add Account >> Email >> Enter Juno Email address & password >> Next >> Next >> Wait for inbox checking frequency >> Next. After you follow the above direction without having a problem, the Juno email will be added to your Android.

While many people do not know about Juno webmail, they don’t even care about their search engine perhaps because of the limited access to their email service. While registering for the email service you will discover that some countries are not listed to create an account, and as such, users prefer to go to alternative websites like Gmail or Yahoo Mail! to create a free account.

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