How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock Android App

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock

I have done a lot of experiment on how to keep my WhatsApp chat safe and secure from unauthorized access. Knowing fully that phone password or fingerprint protection does not lock WhatsApp separately other than the normal phone screen lock and when you want to power on your phone.

When I am desperate on the best app to lock apps such as Facebook messenger, Twitter app, Quora app, WhatsApp and Google AdSense app of which, these are most used apps on my phone and are first to see apps on my phone list since they are listed as favorite and most used app by Hola Launcher I use on my phone.

However, these apps easily get friends and family’s attention and they want to see what I have in there. You can check other things on my phone but the mentioned apps, most importantly WhatsApp and Google AdSense apps are no going area because that is where the deal is being done.

To ease myself of the stress of checking whether a friend will check either of these apps I have decided to find a means to lock them using AppLock Android App.

Basically, here in this post today I will share with you the simple trick to lock WhatsApp using AppLock Android App.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock App

First, let me highlight all the steps you need to follow to lock WhatsApp using AppLock either with password or fingerprint or pattern. The procedure is exact, you only need to choose one of the options to lock your WhatsApp and put intruders behind bars.

1. Download and Install AppLock from PlayStore

2. Launch AppLock from your phone app menu

3. From the new window that pops up enable AppLock to access your phone apps

4. Click the back button and click on protect on your AppLock homepage

5. Scroll down the page and click on the unlock button in front of WhatsApp

6. Enter the password or scan fingerprint or draw a pattern to unlock your WhatsApp

With the steps above you can lock WhatsApp and other applications on your Android phone. However, if the above direction sounds somehow to you below is the details on how to go about locking your WhatsApp chat using AppLock.

Note: You will be asked to enter your password or pattern or fingerprint access whenever you have WhatsApp messages if you are not on WhatsApp interface reading chats.

This means that even if your friend is using your phone to play a game or watching movies and WhatsApp chat comes in he will still not be able to read it unless he or she knows the password to unlock your WhatsApp.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock App

Here is everything you need to do in order to put your WhatsApp under control with AppLock and stop unauthorized persons from reading your chat.

1. Download and install AppLock from Google Play store. You can download the app using Play Store app or go to Play store on your browser and search for “AppLock” without quotes.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock App

2. Launch AppLock app from your app menu or click on the successful message on your phone when you swipe it down and click protect to access AppLock unlock settings.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock App

3. There you have three options. To unlock selected apps, WhatsApp for an instant with password or fingerprint or pattern and select option that is okay for you. For me I choose a pattern to unlock apps I select the AppLock settings.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock App

4. Navigate back to Privacy and scroll down the page until you see WhatsApp or other apps you want to lock and restrict access from.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock App

5. For WhatsApp, click on the unlock key in WhatsApp and the AppLock with lock WhatsApp and change the unlock icon to a locked icon.

How to Lock WhatsApp Using AppLock Android App

After the above steps exit AppLock and wait for messages to come to your WhatsApp or try to read chats on your WhatsApp you will see that it has been locked and it will request for unlock access.

This is how to lock WhatsApp using AppLock. And of course, you can use AppLock to lock other apps the same way I used it lock WhatsApp chats and access in this post.

Now you turn… Try this and see how easy it’s to lock WhatsApp app with the help of the popular app, called AppLock for Android phone.

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