Facebook Lite Uses Less Data for Browsing Facebook

Download Facebook Lite

Facebook lite helps to Log into Facebook with fewer data and poor internet connection. The Android APK app offers a way to use Facebook without an internet connection when you are struggling with poor network strength.

For those using FB apps to access their Facebook account, you can also download and install Facebook lite to browser Facebook, access your timeline, share status, upload photos, and videos, confirm friend request, send a friend request, and do all sorts of Facebook magic on Facebook lite just as normal Facebook app.

Apart from the fact that you can download Facebook lite for Android, you can also download the lite app for PC using either PC emulator or Bluestacks to run Android apps on PC.

Facebook Lite Vs Facebook App

Both the Lite and normal Facebook app work in the same way. On both apps, you sign into your Facebook account, sign up a new account on lite if you don’t have a valid Facebook account and you don’t want to use much data just like you do on Facebook PC or when you access Facebook full site on Android browsers.

Download Facebook Lite

How to Download Facebook Lite on an Android Phone

The Facebook lite app is different from a normal Facebook app. Although, both apps are available in Google play store but their mode of operation different from each other. The lite app works consuming less data while the real FB app consumes as much as accessing Facebook on PC.

The lite app size weighs just 1.45MB to compared to a Facebook app that weighs more than 300MB with full Facebook feature such as Facebook Face recognition, Change Facebook password, Delete Facebook account, Check Facebook friends list, download Facebook data, and other Facebook features that you have access to PC.

If you have not installed the lite app [Facebook APK] on your Android phone click here to download the popular Facebook app.

How to Install Facebook Lite on Android

The lite app is found in Play store and it can be installed the way you have been installing other Android apps in play store. The only difference is if you are interested in installing the Facebook APK lite, then you have to go a bit far compared to how to install normal Android apps.

However, the procedure below provides the quickest way to install the APK version of the lite app without harming your device.

1. Swipe your Android app drawer and click “Settings”

2. Click on “security

3. Toggle to enable “Unknown Sources”

4. Click Facebook APK lite app and install it

The Android unknown sources allow users to install apps that are not uploaded to play store, mainly APK files on Android phones. However, in other not to a maximum security issue on Android phone disable the unknown source installation once you have successfully installed the app.

Facebook Lite for iPhone

Apart from the Facebook app in Apple app store, iPhone users can also download and Install Facebook lite for iPhone such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone curve.

The iOS 10 Facebook lite app offers a simple design with some crucial feature alongside a flexible and a smaller size to consume few storage capacities compared to the official Facebook app in app store.

The 2015 launched iOS app takes less than 1MB on iOS devices and load Facebook timeline, profile pictures, and Facebook story faster than the official Facebook iOS app.

One Facebook lite for iPhone, you can go live and talk to your Facebook audience, upload your own story, see friends updates, upload your own pictures, share photos and videos and do all sort of things you can do with the official Facebook app for iOS. However, if you have not installed the Lite app on your iPhone here is a link to download the app free.

How to Install Facebook Lite on PC

Want to install Facebook lite on your PC? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people also want to download and install Facebook messenger lite on PC to enjoy the brevity of the lite app. So, if you are among the few that would love to enjoy the Facebook lite app on your PC here is how to download and install Android apps on PC.

1. Download and Install Bluestacks Windows program on your PC

2. Launch the BlueStacks Windows software program and log into your play store app with your Gmail account

3. Type “Facebook Lite” in the search box and click “Enter”

4. Click on “Facebook Lite” app from the search result

5. Click on “ Install” option to install FB lite on your PC via “BlueStacks”

With Bluestacks Windows app you can run Facebook lite-app on your PC and still run the app on your smartphone. Meanwhile, you can log into Facebook desktop and FB lite with a different Facebook account if you don’t want to use the new Facebook account switch.

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