How to Delete WhatsApp Unseen Messages

WhatsApp, the giant mobile chat app rolled out a new feature to delete unseen messages in its new updates. The delete unread or unseen messages which have been trending on telegram over a period of time has finally arrived WhatsApp application and users can now delete messages they sent that is yet to be seen by the recipient. Delete WhatsApp unseen messages feature have been in a test mode for a while now, probably the Beta version of the feature and now, the recent WhatsApp update has this amazing feature that works like delete unseen messages on telegram app.

The new WhatsApp messages unseen delete features easily let you delete an abusive message or statement before the recipient reads it. This feature requires both recipients to have the latest WhatsApp update to enjoy this feature.

In a more direct statement, all your WhatsApp friends must have the latest WhatsApp installed before they will be granted the permission to delete unseen or unread messages that can really cause havoc. The trending rumor was that WhatsApp is currently working on how to make WhatsApp group video call but here they are with a new feature to compete with Telegram Android and iOS app.

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How to Get New Delete WhatsApp Unseen Messages Feature

Like I said above that WhatsApp rolled out this feature only on their latest WhatsApp iteration alone. Meaning that if you are using the old WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp you may not be able to use the unseen delete feature on your Android and iOS device.

This new feature doesn’t affect WhatsApp old features such as video calls, voice calls, WhatsApp web, new status feature and the rest of them, rather this is an additional feature to WhatsApp existing features.

Currently, I’m running the latest WhatsApp iteration for the unseen feature. However, if you want to enjoy this feature and start deleting all unseen messages on your WhatsApp chat follow the simple guide below to enable this feature.

1. Go to Play Store app on your smartphone [Android & Window], and Apple Store on your iOS devices and click on my apps. For the sake of this post, we’d use Play Store and you can follow the same exact procedure to update to latest WhatsApp delete unseen messages feature.

Delete WhatsApp Unseen Messages


2. This will show all the apps you have installed on your Smartphone. On your app tools bar, search for updates and click on it. This will pop up all your outdated apps including WhatsApp. Then click on WhatsApp update icon to pull the new feature.

Delete WhatsApp Unseen Messages

3. Now launch your newly updated WhatsApp app and try to chat up a friend who will not be able to read your chat instantly [we always do have such a friend].

4. Click on the message you wants to delete before he reads it and click on the delete icon as indicated below.


Delete WhatsApp Unseen Messages

5. Two options will be popped whether to delete for me [this will only delete the message on your device and not from the recipient] or delete from everyone [this will delete the message from your chat and the recipient’s chat]. A new pop will show just click  OK to accept the option.

6. If the message is deleted successfully, you should see the indication that you have deleted a message from your chat.

Note: There will be an indication on the recipient side that you delete a chat.

To delete more than one unseen chat just highlight all the chat you wanted to delete before the message is read by the recipient and click the trash can on the interface and then click OK to make changes to your action.

Were you able to use the “delete WhatsApp unseen messages feature? Please use the comment section below for your contribution.


  1. María Reply

    If it had two grey checks and when I hit delete it only gave me option to delete for me?? What does that mean?

    • Adesanmi Franklyn Post authorReply

      It means that the message has been read for the double ticked lines and the message is over 1 hours. So, it cannot be deleted again.
      You can only delete unseen message when it has not overstayed

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