YouTube Go: The Newest Android Apps to Download YouTube For Offline View

How often do you go to YouTube to watch and download videos from YouTube? Often right? But when you want to stream YouTube video without internet on your Android or other Smartphones how do you do it? I have the secret here for you today. And that is the newest Android app to download YouTube video for offline viewing “YouTube go”.

YouTube go is the newest Google app to view YouTube videos offline without internet connection, or with poor internet connection or when you have less data yet you’d love to download YouTube video for offline. Let go YouTube as I do call it was launched in September 2016, by Google and the app is officially available to people in India fro the time being.

Meaning that, YouTube go is still region base but it is currently the best Android app to download YouTube video when there is poor internet connection, limited data and of course to view YouTube videos without internet connection.

Since Let go YouTube is not officially available for download you can just get the apk file from apk download site.

The benefit of downloading Let go YouTube from apk site is that you cannot download it directly from Google store for now. However, here in this post I will show you how to use go YouTube or YouTube go to watch YouTube videos offline but don’t bother tell me when to go to YouTube which I won’t bother do as well.

How to Install YouTube Go on Android

As earlier said that you cannot track go YouTube from Google play store except for Indians, however, here is still the simple trick to install let go YouTube on your Smartphone (Android).

1. Download YouTube go apk app from the link provided above.

2. Swipe your Android settings and click on security

3. Navigate down the page and click on enable unknown source

4. Launch YouTube go apk file you downloaded above

5. Ignore any warning and install the app.

Note: After you have successfully installed let go YouTube app, then go back to settings to disable install from unknown source.

Now, tell me when to go to YouTube when I have go YouTube app installed on my Android phone already? The next step will tell you when to go to YouTube.

How to Use YouTube Go For The First Time

After the above installation steps it will be for you to start using go YouTube app right? Well, the following procedure would help you out.

When you launch go YouTube app for the first time you will see the image below!

YouTube Go

1. Launch the app and select your official language… For the sake of this post we’ll select English language as our official language.

2. Click next on the page that follows or swipe around to see the features

3. Enter your mobile number and click next. Don’t forget to select your country code

4. Select your Google Gmail account or click on the plus sign to add another Gmail account and then click next.

5. Google will send a verification code to phone number you enter when you click on verify now.

6. Enter the pin code sent to your mobile number. Note if you didn’t get your verification code use call me now.

7. Once you have successfully verify your account with YouTube go or go YouTube or Let go YouTube depending on what you call it, just click on start button to start exploring the app.

And now you have successfully downloaded and installed Google YouTube go app on your device. Next, we’d talk on how to start exploring let go YouTube to save YouTube video for offline view with the app.

How to Download YouTube Video With YouTube Go

1. Open let go YouTube app and click on the search option to search on the video you want to download

2.  A list of options will show based on your search keywords

3. Click on the video and select standard quality from the option, then click on save

4. Go YouTube will save the video to save option in YouTube go

5. Once you have successfully saved the video you can then view it offline without internet connection.

Note: The saved video can be sent to friends as well.

How to Get Official YouTube Go for Google Store

The official go YouTube is only available in India for the time being but interest users from other region can be the first to get the update once the app is officially launched. To get a first hand information about the launch of Go YouTube, you may want to consider the following steps.

1. Visit YouTube go official page

YouTube go

2. Enter either your mobile number of valid email address

3. Google will notify you once they are ready to release the app officially.

What is you take YouTube go, the new Google official video app?


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