Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

How to Create Fingerprint Scanner Sensor on Android Phone

Fingerprint scanner sensor is one of the motivating specs of Android phone which started openly back in 2016. Before it…

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How to Turn Off Autoplay on Facebook Android And iOS App

The more Facebook is becoming engaging the more is pissing users off because it rob people of their data. Take…

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Orbit downloader for Android phone

Best Alternative Orbit Downloader for Android Phone Users

For those of us that love to grab vidoes and large files online we’d know about orbit downloader for PC….

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NYSC Tips: 16 Clues That Will Help You in NYSC Orientation Camp

As prospective corps members prepare for NYSC orientation camp starting on January 24, what do they need to know that…

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MMM Nigeria Returns With New Policy to Get Help Fast With New Conditions

Nigeria‚Äôs number 1 Ponzi scheme, MMM Nigeria, is back. This is according to a statement issued by the official Twitter…

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