9 Websites Like Movie4K to Watch Movies Online

Movie4K is a website for streaming movies online for free. Movie4K is one of the best movies site. If you have passion for streaming live videos online or watching live TV show you will love to use movie 4K. Movies on 4K load faster and buffers at the speed of light so there wouldn’t be any reason waiting for videos to load all day long before you can start to stream.

While there are thousands of free movies on movie4K.to you may not always get your hands on the movies you are looking for. And that is why we have decided to share Movie 4K  alternative or similar sites to movies4K to stream movies for free online.

Just check through our best Movies4K alternative  to check for both old and new movies you can’t get your hands on via movies 4K free movies site.


9 Sites Like Movie4K to Stream Movies Online

Go through our list of sites like movie4K with similar features to stream movies for free online. Just like movies4K some of these sites may require registration before you can start to stream movies live or TV shows live but they are the best movies4k you can ever get your hands on.

1. Vudu

Vudu is one of the best sites like movie 4K you can think about online. Vudu is similar to movies4k.to in such a way that you would expect it to have both new and old movies to stream for free. You would also expect to see latest TV shows on Vudu as a similar site to Movies4K free movies online site.

If you want to watch movies in HD you will enjoy using Vudu if you can’t find the movie right on movie4K and you will be able to stream it live and direct.

2. Alluc

Alluc is Movie4K alternative you will want to consider to stream movies for free online without second thought the moment you can get the movies you are looking for on movie4k.to With Alluc find and download button you can search for any movie you can get on movie 4K to stream live.

When you search for any movie on Alluc it pull out tons of links to the movie where you can download or watch it for free. Alluc is more or less a movies search engine alternative to movie 4k.

3. OpenLoadMovies

Openloadmovies is another similar site to movie4K to stream movies live online. Openloadmovies houses both new and old movies. Open load movies offers a free to watch movies online without registration with a download button on each video in case you want to download and watch later. When you make an attempt to search for movies on openloadmovies it pull the movies from open load movies database and start streaming directly from the website.

4. Watchmoviesfree

Watch movies free is a very popular movies zone similar to movie4K. Watch movies free has a huge database full of movies to stream live where you can either stream in HD or download in HD.In an attempt to use watch movies free site unduly you will be asked to pay to stream movies on the site. It’s easy to stream movies on watch movies free, just search for the movie you want to watch live if you can’t find it on the homepage using search box and click to watch. You will be prompt to register for the first time if you want to stream the movie. This is definitely similar to 4kMovies. And in fact, is one of my favorite online movies site that serves as an alternative to movie4K.

5. xMovies8

Xmovies8 is a similar site to movies4K but doesn’t joke with security measure. Before you can use xMovies8 to watch movies online for free you must pass the security measure that you are not a bot. The moment you find you way to xMovies8 homepage you can start to dig deep and start to check for movies you want to stream in HD live online.

Xmovies8 is sectioned into category so that you will be able to search for the exact movie you are looking for. xMovies8 is definitely one of the best movie4K alternative you can always think about.

6. MyDownloadTube

Mydownload tube as movie4K alternative is not really popular. But you must be missing something great about latest movies if you don’t know about  Mydownloadtube. Mydownloadtube is an excellent collection of different movies to stream live online at no cost and without restriction.

The first thing you will take note with mydownloadtube is the cool homepage interface with quality graphics design. All you need to do to start streaming movies on mydownloadtube is use the search button to search for the exact movie you want to stream and start streaming. Meanwhile mydownloadtube pull its videos from YouTube .

7.  Putlocker.ch

If you are on the look out for movie4K alternatives you should start with putlocker and end it with putlocker. Putlocker has a good collection of different movies sorts in category that can easily replace your new movies search engine if you can’t get the movie you want to stream on movie4k online movies streaming site.

If the link to your searched video or movie on putlocker is broken you can report it to the admin and it will be fixed instantly so that you can download the movie and watch or stream the movie live.

8. Vumoo

Vumoo is yet another similar site like movie4K and it’s in the competiton with other movies live streaming site. The site is not just about the quality design but about the thousands of movies you can get your hands on to stream live online. Supposed you prefer to stream movies in HD or 4K you definitely need to check out Vumoo for such if found wanting on movie4K.

9. TVRush

Of a truth I am new to TVrush as movie4K alternative but the site works just like movie4K. HD movies on TVRush are sort alphabetically and arranged yearly in ascending other. Another thing that makes TVRush similar to movie4K is the primary focus which is streaming TV shows live for free. If you desperate at getting you hand on the best movie4K alternative you should start with TVRush.

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