How to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Devices

If you are reading this post you probably have a Samsung device and will love to download WhatsApp for it….

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WhatsApp status

WhatsApp Web Online Status: How to View and Update New One

There are two ways to use WhatsApp on your computer. The use of WhatsApp web and WhatsApp web desktop application….

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Create G Suite Account

How to Create G Suite Account: Step by Step Procedure Shared

We all use Google service at one point or the other. For at least, you use Google search engine. And…

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How to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts

How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contact

There are two ways to send WhatsApp messages without adding phone contact to your phonebook. You can use WhatsApp link…

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Best YouTube-MP3 Converter Alternatives

Following the agreement that management has agreed to shut down due to a court order for infringement pirated contents,…

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How to redeem valid Google promo codes

How to Redeem Valid Google Promo Codes

Google offers promo codes in form of an incentive to purchase apps directly from Google play store. Just like Google…

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How to Add Credit or Debit Card to Google Play Store

Android phone has craved another world for developers. When developer developed an app, they choose whether to make it free…

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Hack Amazon Fire Stick Without Jailbreak in Less than 5 Steps

You are probably one of the thousands of people using Amazon fire stick or Fire TV! Did you read a…

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Whatsapp Download New Version 2016

Whatsapp Download New Version 2016: Why You Should Not Roll Back

Do you prefer WhatsApp 2016 version to the recent one? May be you don’t like things that have changed since…

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Windows 10 creator fall

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Creator Fall from Windows 8/10/10.1

Microsoft plans to release new Windows 10 update come 17th, October 2017 ¬†called creator Fall. ¬†Although this may not be…

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How to Delete Document and Data on iPhone to Free More Space

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will find out that “documents and data” take more space than…