How to Transfer Files Using GigaFile Website

Recently I wanted to transfer a file to a friend who lives outside Nigeria, the file is very huge. I…

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TSTV Africa Decoder Gives 10x More of DSTv, GoTv, and StartTime

We have witnessed so many decoders in Nigeria in the past decade. Starting from HD strong, MyTv, Q-Sat, StarTime, DStv,…

YouTube name generator

Best YouTube Username Generator: Our 2017 Top List!

For almost two decades now, Google has been a source of information globally, and source of income for both Google…

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Change YouTube username

How to Change YouTube Username

Over the past years, so many things have changed on the internet. Even to change YouTube username now require a…

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Google contacts backup

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google

You need to backup your phone contact to save place often. There is a limitation to how you can trust…

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SMS backup & Restore

How to Backup and Restore SMS on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

Android apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Chat-on, etc have replaced the tradition mobile SMS over the years. But courtesy…


How to Setup Gmail Vacation Autoresponder on Windows/Mac PC

While you are away for your vacation with your family, how do you manage your email account? Do you schedule…

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How to change your country in Google play store

How to Change Your Country in Google Play Store

Google is so smart to the extent that they use your country location to determine the kind of apps you…

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Android Hotspot not working

Android Hotspot Not Working: Here is How to Fix It

I don’t want to believe I’m currently the only person that needs a solution to Android HotSpot not working with…

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