Pimp my ride for me

Pimp my Ride: Why You are Lucky if You Got Caught by Xzibit

Today I got caught by pimp my ride TV program shown on DSTV powered my MTV. It was really amazing…

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Change Facebook Password

How to Change Facebook Password and Protect it From Facebook Hackers

Have you ever forgotten your Facebook password and want to change your login password? Or you don’t know how to…

how to block websites on chrome

How to Block a Website Permanently on Chrome for Parental Control

This post is for parental control on how to block a website on Chrome¬† permanently. ¬†As a parent if you…

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3 Tricks to Create Gmail Account without Phone Verification

When Google first launch Gmail, you don’t need phone verification to open a verified Gmail account. But now that the…

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Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Calculator: 5 Best Mortgage Amortization Calculators

Recently, I started reading most of Robert Kiyosaki’s book such as Poor Dad & Rich Dad, Cash flow, Business school…

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English to Spanish Translation

5 Best Sites for English to Spanish Translation

The way numbers of people speaking Spanish as official and second languages increases you may want to learn how to…

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Highest Paying Keywords

1000 Highest Paying Keywords for Bloggers in 2017

I’m currently shouting for joy the way one of my blogs cost per click is increasing. Imagine earning $5 per…

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Duolingo classroom

Duolingo Review: Learning 60 Languages in 60 Days for Free

Duolingo is one of out numerous Android apps in Google play store with more than 120 million active users to…

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Similar sites like eBookshare

Torrent eBook sites Like eBookshare to Download eBooks for Free

eBookshare.net is a popular torrent eBook sites to search and download various eBooks for free as a torrent sites but…

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