List of Best Alternatives to Download eBooks for Free has many alternatives. Before Bookzz was shut down and moved to ‘’ it used to be it alternative. Also befoe was moved to it used to be one of alternatives. was not the only website that has faced the wrath of court order in the past few decades due to copyright infringement. In order to fill the vacuum created by the absence of to download free eBooks online some other websites came into being, some of which are Bookboon, eBookshare, etc.

And since the death of the popular eBook website, researchers have started searching for the alternatives to download eBook for free whether legal or illegal. Meanwhile, most of these free book download websites are operating illegally due to copyright infringement just like the way torrent sites are operating contrary to copyright policy.

So if you are few of the known researchers searching for the best websites like that was shut down permanently here is the post that got you covered. Most of these websites are new but they have up to date eBook download data base.

The good side of downloading books online is that you don’t have to walk to any bookshop to start searching for the eBook you want to buy. And also you won’t necessarily dip your hand into your pocket to pay for any eBook either online or offline again.

Here in this post we’ve compiled most popular alternatives to search and download eBooks online for free without paying a dime. alternatives

Best Alternatives to Download Books Online

Below are the list of best eBook websites like to search and download books online for free and without registration.

1. FreeScience (

Free science is a popular eBook site alternative to to search and download academic books. Free science eBook is site isn’t limited to only science books, you can also search and download eBooks from other specialization mostly for a research student. Right on freescience you can have access to a complete thesis to serve as a guide for when with full copyright BUT most only be used for academic purpose.

2. Free Computer (

Free computer pictorial eBook site is a popular websites that can easily replaced most eBook site due to what it offers. Free computer eBook download site offer free access to download eBook on computer related material. So, if you are a computer student or you are looking for best websites alternatives to this website is recommended for you.

3. Booksdirectory (

This yet another eBook download directory to search and download books legally. Books directory eBook is not restrain to certain category just like most eBook torrenting sites. Here at books directory you will have access to all type of eBooks of your choice for free and without paying dime legally. But most popular section in this eBook website is the academic section in general.

4. Bookfi is another popular eBook site to search and download any eBook for free without registration. Bookfi actually came into being when was shut some years back and since then it has become one of the most popular eBook websites to search and download eBook for free.

Meanwhile Bookfi has a download limit for a non-registered users but you can bypass the bookfi download limit. Check this post on how to pass bookfi download limit.

5. Libgen (

Library genesis is a popular eBook site to search and download eBooks for free. Libgen is not just one of alternatives, it has over time rise above even before the site was shut down. The list of books available for download on the site are sectioned into category which makes it extremely easy to navigate. For science related articles you can easily check scientific articles.

6. Booksee (

Here comes another popular eBook site like site. The site is not new though so you should expect quality service delivery from them. Here on this site you can search and download any eBook for free on the site. The only limitation to this site is that there is number of eBooks you can download if you have not registered with them and it’s absolute free.

As at this time, booksee is ads free which give users free ride to search and download any eBook for free without the mind of clicking on ads that would eventually move them to another page.

7. it-eBooks (

This is another computer world eBook site to search and download eBooks for free on IT. This site is mainly for computer guru or beginner who’s interested in learning more about various computer languages reading books. So if you are interested in computer languages related eBooks try here is the best eBook site for you.

8. eBook-dl (

With over 6000 eBooks pages available for download you can be rest assured that you are in the right place to search and download your favorite eBooks. This eBook site offers access to varieties of books to download free without paying a dime and without registration.

9. Allitebooks (

This another computer world eBook website alternate to to search and download all sorts of computer language eBooks for free. All it books offer free access to all computer language eBooks for free and grant premium access to download your favourite without paying a cent. All sort of computer eBooks written by great authors can be downloaded for free on this site.

10. eBookee (

eBookee is another popular site like to search and download eBooks for free.  This eBook site is a combination of various eBook from all facet of life. It features free download for academic books, business books, financial books, art and action books, etc.

Other trusted alternatives include





15. – Torrent Website (Login Required)

16. – Torrent Website (Login Required) Alternatives Technology Related eBook Sites

Here in this section we’d share with you list of most popular eBook site purposely designed for technology related books for technology addict person to search and download eBooks for free.

1. Free computer books (

This site is mainly for computer books update. For computer addict who would love to know about their computer component and relate with them here is the best websites to search and download books that defines them in a simple language.

2. Free tech books (

Freetechbooks is another popular website to learn more about computer and technology world. You can download favorite eBook on this site based on author’s name, book license and publisher. Free tech books is currently having over 1,000,000 technology eBook available for download free on charge.


However, we cannot guaranteed that the list of alternatives website we shared with you here are all legal but they are currently the best websites on the internet to download eBook for free and they are currently alternatives

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