How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser has a lot of features such and change of Language, change search result from 10 to at least 100, and even decrypt a password protected PDF without additional software or tool. Do you want to learn how to change Language in Google Chrome? In this post, I will make it up to you and share with you how to easily Change Google Chrome default language to another language of your choice such as change language from English to Spanish, or to Hindi or any other language of your choice.

The best and easiest way to communicate is to communicate in a language you understand best. If you understand French better and you are reading it the English language it may be difficult a bit to cope with what you are doing. However, even using Google search with a language you only have little knowledge of will make things very difficult but with Google feature that allows you to change your language you can exploit Google search engine and other search engines the best with your own language.

This Google Chrome setting does not affect your computer default language rather it only affects your Google Chrome search result.

If you ever have a doubt whether it’s possible to change Google search result language or to toggle around Google search settings and change language from within, here is a post that will clear all you doubt and reveal to you the exact procedure to how to change Google Language in Google Chrome.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome on Computer

This is different from Google Chrome translator and Facebook language translator. This Google Chrome feature helps to change your browser default language to a language listed in Google Chrome language settings page. Following the procedure below you will be able to change langue in your Google Chrome search result.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and visit any website on the search, e.g search for “How to change Language in Google Chrome Android” or any other term and hit the search button. This will show some results right…

2. On your search bar click on settings before tools option or access Google Chrome settings directly from here to set your preference.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome on Computer

3. A new window will popup with a list of additional options. Scroll the popup and select “Languages”

How to Change Language in Google Chrome on Computer

4. A list of available languages that you can change Google Chrome search result to will pop up including from English to Chinese, English to Russian, and Arabic to English since English is mostly the default language. Choose the language you want to change to and click on save button. Here we’ll change from English to Deutsch.

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

Note: For more languages click on more option to reveal more languages for you to choose from.

That is it you have successfully changed your Google Chrome browser default language to another language. This will affect the moment you click on save button and you can start to using Google in your own official language if it is available in the list of languages supported by Google Chrome.

Meanwhile, you need an internet connection to Change your Google Chrome search language following the procedure shared above. However, the next method will reveal How to Change Language in Google Chrome without an internet connection.

Continue below to read how to change Google Chrome default language without an internet connection and how to change the default language on Android.


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