Grammarly for Word

How to Install Grammarly for Word

Grammarly is an auto-correct plugin for browsers and for Microsoft words. Grammarly is simply a spelling checker [online & offline]….

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How to Reset Yoast SEO Plugin

At a point, you may have to reset your SEO plugin to default settings when you found out you have…

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How to Change Gmail Password without any Information

How to Recover Gmail Password Without Recovery eMail & Phone Number

It’s probably not possible to recover Gmail password without any information such as Gmail password recovery email, and phone number…

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How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google Contacts

Everything You Need to Know about Google Contact Backup

I’m going to take a look at Google Contacts in this post today, and share with you everything you need…

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How to Transfer contacts from Android to Android phone

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android [Detail Explanation]

I’m going to explain everything about how to transfer contacts from Android to Android phone on PC in this post….

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Google Chrome History eraser

How to Delete All Google Chrome History [Android & Computer]

Google Chrome stores your browser search history and call it cache. This cache of a thing keeps all your Chrome…

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Any Trans copy my data

How I Use Copy my Data from my Smartphone to Another Device

There is nothing bad in having a duplicate of all your files on another device.It doesn’t harm your files. Ii…

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How to Transfer Files Using GigaFile Website

Recently I wanted to transfer a file to a friend who lives outside Nigeria, the file is very huge. I…

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Change YouTube username

How to Change YouTube Username

Over the past years, so many things have changed on the internet. Even to change YouTube username now require a…

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Google contacts backup

How to Backup Phone Contacts to Google

You need to backup your phone contact to save place often. There is a limitation to how you can trust…

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