Best and Most Popular Cool Whatsapp Tricks in 2017

One of the popular cool whatsapp tricks is the ability to role back old status feature on Whatsapp. And it’s the web Whatsapp and ability to use one Whatsapp account on two or more devices that made Whatsapp so popular that other mobile messenger, including Facebook messenger are following Whatsapp popularity.

Whatsapp being the most famous mobile chat app which is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry device, there are some cool Whatsapp tricks that you need to know that looks like Whatsapp cheat and of course, it is no way a Whatsapp cheat or Whatsapp hacks rather Whatsapp inbuilt tricks to have some fun with Whatsapp, and Whatsapp font inclusive.

People’s love for Whatsapp start from the messenger simplicity and easy to use feature. All you need to do after installing the popular Whatsapp, is to tap on your contact list to add list of your friends and start chatting live, put across voice call, and video call as well. However, video call or voice call are not part of the cool Whatsapp tricks you will get to know in this post, rather tricks that look like cheat while using Whatsapp chat app.

However, you will be at lose edge if you seem to take Whatsapp simplicity for something else that the popular messenger is not well equipped with enough tricks to make your day. That been said, in this we’ve have compiled the most cool Whatsapp tricks that works on your Whatsapp writing style, Whatsapp pictures, Whatsapp status, and many more.

Best and Most Popular Cool Whatsapp Tricks in 2017

Here we will share as many as possible number of whatsapp tricks you should be using on your day to day chatting on whatsapp without the use of addition cheat or other Whatsapp not from Whatsapp official website, GB Whatsapp.

1. Clean Junk Whatsapp Photos Using Siftr Magic Cleaner

Cool Whatsapp Tricks

This trick on Whatsapp is for Android users only. As Whatsapp users, we share tons of photos, pictures, GIF, funny and shot videos, funny meme using share icon on Whatsapp. However, it’s still very safe to share photos on Whatsapp either private or publicly, BUT these shared photos, pictures, funny meme to mention a few stylishly chopped off our phone memories. Nevertheless, when photos are shared on Whatsapp you’ll either delete the picture or photo or keep it on your media, but in most cases they’re not often deleted except they are sensitive photos.

And this is exactly where Siftr Magic cleaner came into play, rather than doing the cleaning yourself Magic cleaner do the assignment of arranging photos on your device, identify duplicate photos and delete matched duplicated photos. This app is simple and easy to use with user friendly interface. The moment you successfully install Magic siftr, simply click on scanning feature and Magic cleaner will scan through and identify photos or pictures that similar and help free more memory on your Whatsapp. And in fact, this is my favorite cool Whatsapp trick to help put my device memory in place and maintain a smooth working on my device.

2. Change Whatsapp Default Language From within Whatsapp

Cool Whatsapp Tricks

This is another coolest trick on Whatsapp. When you first take the step to install Whatsapp on your device you are prompted to choose your device official language but trust me you can change this language any moment you wish, isn’t that trick cool? However, if by virtue of mistakes you mistakenly chose the wrong language, this aspect of Whatsapp trick will enables you to change and choose your desired language instead of re-installing the app from the onset.

To use this Whatspp trick just go to Settings>Chats>App Language and you are good to go with!

3. Gesture to Reply to Specific Messages

Cool Whatsapp Tricks for Android and iOS

This cool trick is for both Android and iPhone user. Previously, Whatsapp only introduced this cool trick for iOS (iPhone) only which enable you to quote a specific message you intend replying to. However, this one of cool Whatsapp tricks is best for a group chat where there are numerous messages to respond to and you need to quote the person that wrote the comment you are quoting.

The way this trick is come by is very easy and identifiable. However, whenever you want to use this trick on Whatsapp long press the message you want to quote and press of nifty feature on your Whatsapp page and write your responds on the chat column before you hits the enter button.

However, for fast quoting you can simply swipe the message right or left to auto populate reply field for the chat and you are good to go. This Whatsapp trick makes chatting very fast and enjoyable.

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