5 Sites Like MMM Nigeria to Get At Least 40% ROI

MMM Nigeria is a platform where you put in your money and get 30% profit at the end of the month. Irrespective of any amount you put into MMM Nigeria you will get 30% at the end of every month.

MMM registration is very simple and it is done by a referrer after which you PH (pledge help) your money in the first month and MMM will match you to pay to another of another member’s account who GH (get help).

Once you pay the money into the GH’s account you will then upload the teller to your MMM account for verification. Most people I know that are into MMM money making platform used to called the person to verify that they have paid so that their MMM account will not be blocked.

Meanwhile, when you PH you are expected to pay the money within a specific period and failure to do so will lead to your account being closed.

MMM started as far back as 1989 by Sergey Mavrodi  in Russian. Most people sees MMM as a ponzi scheme where you are to only use your spare money.

Africa is not the only country in which MMM is currently operating. However, below are the list of countries MMM is currently operation across the nations of the world.

MMM Argentina: argentina-mmm.net
MMM Australia: Australia-mmm.net
MMM Bangladesh: Bangladeshmmm.com
MMM Brazil: Brazil-mmm.net
MMM Cambodia: Cambodia-mmm.net
MMM China: China-mmm.net
MMM East Africa: Ea-mmm.net
MMM Egypt: Egypt-mmm.net
MMM France: France-mmm.net
MMM Hongkong: Hongkong-mmm.net
MMM India: India-mmm.net
MMM Indonesia: Indonesia-mmm.net
MMM Italy: Italy-mmm.net
MMM Japan: Japan-mmm.net
MMM Korea: Korea-mmm.net
MMM Kuwait: Kuwait-mmm.net
MMM Malaysia: Malaysia-mmm.net
MMM Mexico: Mexico-mmm.net
MMM Nigeria: Nigeria-mmm.net
MMM Peru: Peru-mmm.net
MMM Philippines: Philippines-mmm.net
MMM Singapore: Singapore-mmm.net
MMM South Africa: Rsa-mmm.net
MMM Spain: Spain-mmm.net
MMM Thailand: Thailand-mmm.net
MMM Turkey: Turkey-mmm.net
MMM USA: Usa-mmm.net
MMM Venezuela: Venezuela-mmm.net

Note: The writer or the site owner is no way in partnering with MMM Nigeria or MMMMMMMMMMMM of any country. But for the benefits of those that are searching for MMM alternatives or sites like MMMM here you will gets to know other sites like MMM (Ponzi scheme) online.

5 Sites Like MMM Nigeria to Get At Least 40% ROI

Sites Like MMM Nigeria Money Making Platform

If you are curious at making money from an online Ponzi sites following the rumor that MMM Nigeria is crashed, MMM South Africa has crashed, MMM Zimbabwe, and other MMM countries related rumor, below are similar sites like MMM Nigeria.

1. NNN Nigeria

NNN Nigeria is a similar sites like MMM with 35% return on your investment. This is similar to MMM Nigeria but the returns seems to be hire than MMM Nigeria which currently reported frozen till January 14. How NNN works is very simple.

Once you are done with your NNN registration you will be prompt to input your account details. Then you will promise to make donation until you are matched within a week to pay into NNN user’s account who need help.

And after 3 weeks you can then request for help while other NNN user who pledge donation will make payment into your account with your Navro of 35% income.
2. Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate Cycler is second most visited Ponzi scheme in Nigeria. In fact Ultimate Cycler is alternative to MMM money making online scheme. No money is required to be part of Ultimate Cycler scheme and Participation levels are $25, $50, $100, $200, $400 , $800 and $1600.

Minimum of $25 is what you need to get get started with Ultimate Cycler as MMM Nigeria alternative and you returns grow as you refer others. You success with Ultimate Cycler depends on the number of referrers you have on UC.
3. Help2Get

Help2Get is a site like MMM with 60% returns on your PH money. Help2Get ROI is twice that of MMM Nigeria. Suppose you need a scheme that pays twice MMM donation you should try Help2Get.

Help2Get works just like MMM Nigeria where you pledge donation or help and make payment to interest Help2Get member who needed help. Once you paid into H2G account you will upload the teller and the user will verify your payment slip that you have successfully rendered help.

4. GiversForum

Givers Forums is another site like MMM Nigeria. As a participant you pledge provide help to other unknown givers forum member as you always did on MMM Nigeria. The moment you pledge to provide help you get 10% ROI per week and its keep growing weekly at the rate of 10%. You ROI on Givers Forum depends on the number of weeks your donation last on Givers Forum.

If you are on the look out for MMM alternative Givers Forum is a similar scheme you should try to have huge returns on your investment. At the end of each month you gets 40% ROI on Givers Forum at no cost.
5. MMMUnited

If you have been into using MMM Nigeria to make money through PH (pledge help) and GH (Get Help) then using MMM United to double your ROI won’t be much different.

MMM United works exactly like MMM Nigeria with just a single different.

MMM United means of payment is manily Bitcoin unlike MMM Nigeria where mode of payment are mainly Naira and Bitcoin respectively.

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