Facebook WhatsApp

How to Access WhatsApp Account on Facebook App

Since Facebook acquired WhatsApp and Instagram we have witnessed a lot of changes on the platforms. Before Facebook bought WhatsApp, the platform with an average of 1 billion daily users…

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How to Enable & Disable Magazine Lock Screen on Android

If you enabled Magazine lock screen on your Android phone you will not be able to set your picture as a lock screen wallpaper on your Android phone. But when the…

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How to Enable YouTube Parental Controls on Android

Parent has a lot to do when it comes to dealing with their kids before the age of 18. Before this age, we must guide what our children are truly…

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Best & Free Websites for Free Music Download Online

Best & Free Music Download Sites & Apps for All Devices

I’m going to be blunt in this post as a Cancerian man. So, don’t see my bluntness as being biased or something else. It’s basically going to show you best…

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How to Set Up Google Parental Controls on Play Store

Google parental controls are the best way to protect what your kids buy and access to your smartphone. The Google parental controls offer a free and premium way to lock out your children…

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Download Latest Gaana App for Android & iOS devices

Gaana App is the best Android and iOS apps to download music in the Asian countries. Gaana App being the first Indian download apps to cross 50 million downloads in…

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How to Clear Android System Cache Using Google File Go

Google File Go provides the easiest and fastest approach to clear Android app caches without accessing the phone settings. The Android caches that are piled up to eat up some…

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YouTube video download helper

How to Use YouTube Video Downloadhelper Plugin

YouTube video downloadhelper browser extension is the fastest and easiest way to download videos from a website. The video Downloaderhelper YouTube plugin easily grab video from a website and save…

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Move Apps, Movies, Audio, and Picture to SD from Phone Using Google File Go

Google upgraded “Google File Go” Beta to full functioning app with a lot of features for Android phone users. These features include how to move apps, movies, audio, and picture…

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How to Download Video From a Website

How desperate are you to download video from a website that disables right or copy and paste from their site? Desperate and eager right? Well, here I got your back…

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How to Convert YouTube Video Longer Than 2 Hours to MP3

There are many YouTube video to MP3 converter that let your convert YouTube MP4 to MP3 without registration. In most cases, you don’t even need to download an app to…

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